Getting Started

You can find the latest Movian / M7 / Movian7 version for your platform here:

Depending on your platform you have to download the appropriate package and install / side-load it.


Android | Android TV | Google TV | Android Tablet | Android Mobile

* Permanent link to the latest M7 Android version:

* Download the .APK file and install / side-load it on your Android device.
- Supports 32-bit and 64-bit ARM platforms (armeabi-v7a & arm64-v8a)
- Supports 32-bit and 64-bit x86 platforms (x86 & x86_64)

* Enable the option "Install from unknown/untrusted sources" on your Android device or/and use a File Manager application like "X-Plore" (available on Google PlayStore).
* On Android TV go to "Security & Restrictions" and enable "Install from unknown sources" for Movian (to enable upgrades and installation of movianDRM)
* OR - check the instructions from [adb-platform-tools-windows.txt] to install Movian directlty from your PC without installing X-Plore.
* Supports Android and Android TV (5.1 or later).

* IMPORTANT: Download movianDRM add-on app and install it on your Android device. It adds support for MPEG-DASH and Widevine DRM playback.

* Permanent link to the latest DRM7 Android version:

* movianDRM/DRM7
This is an add-on application we created, and is used by Movian for:
- HLS version 4/6
- HLS (Widevine DRM)
- MPEG-DASH (clear)
- MPEG-DASH (Widevine DRM)
- Add-ons/plugins such as F1, Nebula, HMAX, etc.
You can install movianDRM from within Movian (go to Settings / General / DRM Update) - make sure "Install from unknown/untrusted sources" is enabled for Movian.

* Permanent link to the latest DRM7 Android version:


* Permanent links to the latest M7 Android version:
- All architectures (armv7, armv8, x86)
- armv7 (32-bit)
- armv8 (64-bit)
- x86


Amazon Fire TV | Stick (Android)

* On your Fire TV, go to 'Settings' -> 'Device' -> 'Developer Options.'
* Turn on 'Allow apps from Unknown Sources'
* From the Amazon Fire main menu, go to 'Search.'
* Type 'Downloader'.
* Click on the Downloader app icon to download and install it.
* Launch the Downloader app.
* In the Downloader app main menu, enter the following address:
- for Movian (M7):
- for Movian DRM (DRM7):
* Click 'Go'.
* The installation file (apk) will now begin to download.
* Once the download process is complete, install it on your Amazon Fire TV/Stick.
* Click on 'Open' to Launch Movian on your FireStick.


Google Chrome (NaCl) (Windows | Linux | MacOS | Chromium | Chromebook)

* Google announced it will discontinue the support for (P)NACL apps in late December 2022, but it is still supported (June 2023).
* Latest supported Chrome version is 113 (June 2023)

* Download the .zip file ( and extract it in your current (or new) Movian NACL installation folder
* Download and use on your Windows PC (or any version prior to Chrome 113 for your platform)
* Download and follow the readme.txt instructions

* To manage/install the application follow these steps in Google Chrome 113:

** chrome://extensions
** click [Load unpacked] and select the folder where you extracted the .zip archive into

** chrome://flags
** Enable: "Native Client" -> chrome://flags/#enable-nacl
** Enable: "WebGL Developer Extensions" -> chrome://flags/#enable-webgl-developer-extensions
** Enable: "WebGL Draft Extensions" -> chrome://flags/#enable-webgl-draft-extensions

** chrome://components
** Make sure that latest pnacl version is installed [Check for update]
** pnacl - Version:
** To manually install the pnacl component and translator
download and follow the instructions

** chrome://apps
** Start M7 and click [Open anyway] to ignore the "unsupported" warning
** Be careful *not* to click [Remove app] - you will have to reinstall and reconfigure M7 from scratch!
** Create a Desktop Shortcut for M7 - right-click on the M7 icon - [Create shortcuts...]
** Wait for a minute or two for M7 to load/start (it takes some time after the initial install or after an update)


Linux | Ubuntu | Mint

* Download the .DEB file (movianM7-7.0.75-linux-amd64.deb) and install it on your 64-bit platform.
* Supports Ubuntu 20/22.04



* Download the .PKG file (movianM7-7.0.75-playstation3.pkg) and install it on your PS3 using [* Install Package Files] option in the GAME column


Apple | MacOS

* Download the .ZIP file ( and double-click on it in Finder. If you had a previous version you may have to delete the contents of your user ~/.hts folder.


Raspberry Pi 1/2/3

* Download the M7 STOS SD-Card Image (m7-stos-2.4.7.img)
* Use Raspberry Pi Image Writer or Win32DiskImager and write the image file to an SD CARD

* TO UPDATE EXISTING 5.0.x version, LINUX or non-M7 STOS:

* Download the .ZIP (movianM7-7.0.24-raspberry-pi).
** For UBUNTU - replace your current "showtime.sym" and "showtime" files
** For STOS: Type "settings:dev" in the HOME screen search bar and enable the "Binreplace" option. Then use the downloaded showtime.sqfs file with curl application to upgrade your current version. Use curl as described on the official Movian github page (replace rpi_ip_address with your Raspberry LAN IP address):

curl --data-binary @showtime.sqfs http://rpi_ip_address:42000/api/replace


Old 5.0.x versions -